* Setting 

- Banquet type round table

  • Participants: All international and national guests of WTA events
  • Menu


•        Starter and refreshed salad

-          Salad bar with assorted dressing

-          Spicy jelly fish with banana blossom and sesame dressing

-          Green mango salad with dried shrimp

-          Palm heart with prawn and pork salad

-          Fresh noodle with steamed pork paste & vegetables

-          Prawn cracker

•        Soup

-          Crab meat, young tofu and sea weed soup

•        Main course

-          Fried sea bass with sweet and sour sauce

-          Roasted pork rib with honey

-          Stir fried beef with dried chilli and baby corn

-          Braised chicken with lotus root, mushroom and gingko-nut

-          Stir fried prawn with tamarind sauce

-          Stir fried  noodle with roasted chicken and vegetables

-          Roasted ball sausage

-          Steamed rice

-          Hue noodle

•        Dessert

-          Lotus seed with dried longan sweet consommé

-          Pandan chiffon cake

-          Mini apple tart

-          Fresh fruits

  • Required Supplies



<Setting prepared by Binh Duong>

•          Backdrops

•          Standees (in front of the venue, on GF for guiding the direction, etc.)

•          Ingredients’ plate in front of every menu


Invited Lunch for Sister & Friendship Cities of Daejeon

  • Date/Time: 11 October (THU) / 11:30~12:30
  • Venue: BCEC GF – Room C

* Setting 

- Banquet type round table

  • Host : Her, Tae-Jeong, Mayor of Daejeon Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea
  • Participants: Delegation of sister & friendship cities of Daejeon
    • 9 Cities from 6 Countries 

* Sister City

Tran Than Liem

Chairman of Peoples’ Committee of Binh Duong Province, Viet Nam

* Sister City

Anatoliy Lokot

Mayor of Novosibirsk, Russia

* Sister City

Sarah Leach

Principal Coordinator of Smart Connected Brisbane Office, Brisbane City Council, Australia

* Sister City

Uppsala, Sweden

* Sister City

Nanjing City, China

* Sister City

Ma Zhongsheng

Deputy Director of Shenyang Science and Technology Bureau, China

* Friendship City

Chen Qizhang

Deputy Director of Jinan Science and Technology Bureau, China

* Friendship City

Xiao Rangjian

Deputy Director of Hefei Foreign & Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, China

* Friendship City

Airin Rachmi Dianyh

Mayor of Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia




•        Appetizer

-          Smoked duck breast with mesclun salad and orange dressing

-          Deep fried prawn tempura with spicy plum sauce

•        Soup

-          Abalone with scallop and crab meat soup

•        Main course

-          Roasted lamb rack with mint sauce, grilled vegetables & steamed potato

-          Poached salmon fillet in butter lemon juice on potato gratin with sautéed asparagus, green peas purée

-          Pan seared AUS beef with Kim chi, sautéed pumpkin and bulgogi sauce

•        Dessert

-          American green grape


•        Appetizer

-          Organic Salad

•        Soup

-          Spicy mushroom soup

•        Main course

-          Spaghetti with vegetables and garlic butter toast

-          Fried rice with lotus leaf

•        Dessert

-          American green grape


* Language of the contents:

English and Vietnamese

 Location of the backdrops and the draft contents at Auditorium

11:30 : 12:30
11 October
Room C, 1F